Greglandia was the country that was the predecessor to The Golden Eagle. It is known for its corruption and greed. It was also known for its pyramid system. People stayed out of the area.


A very long time ago Greg I started an empire. It was very successful and he named it after himself. His son, Greg II, took the country further. For generations the nation was prosperous until the power hungry control freak Greg X took over. Greg X was very corrupt, he accepted bribes, lots and lots of bribes, he only helped his friends, rigged all the votes and made everyone love him and his country. In 2008 The Golden Eagle was founded by Harry Cove to end this regime and take over Greglandia. In 2009 the biggest corruption scandal in Greglandia, The Big Setup, happened. The public only found out in late 2017, mere months before the country's collapse. 2011 also saw some big scandals as well that were released to the public soon after The Golden Eagle discovered them. In late 2012, Wolfie Snow, A wolf who was involved in The Big Setup and not completely trusted by The Golden Eagle bribed the government with four billion Greglandian Credits in exchange for immunity to prosecution. It was this that lead up to The First Multiverse War. After the war ended the economy was ruined and the country was struggling to survive. So the government accepted more bribes which lead to more war. After two more multiverse wars Greglandia and The Golden Eagle tried to normalize tensions but the Forth Multiverse War happened and Greglandia was reduced to a small island near The Golden Eagle.

Evil IslandEdit

Evil Island is the only land now controlled by Greglandia. It has Evil City. Nearby is an offshore military base owned by The Golden Eagle keeping an eye on the island.


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